Welp, I have sure been getting my fair share of injuries lately..

I flew to Cologne, Germany last Tuesday to meet up with all the girls for the 2010 Masters.

Kayley (who had my helmet and knee pads) was arriving on Thursday, but we all went riding on Wednesday. I thought I’d be fine to ride, but nope haha my wrist was really weak and I didn’t want to land hard on it, cause it is still broken, over shot the box a bit, landed in a turndown and my knee punched the ground. My skin got ripped off about four inches down my leg right under my knee to the bone. I went to the hospital to get it stitched back up, but I popped a bursa sac which infected my knee and shin. I tried just taking it easy so I wouldn’t have to get surgery for the next couple days..

On Saturday I couldn’t ride so I got to judge the girls contest, which was pretty rad and then had to get rushed to the hospital to have surgery to remove the bursa sac and drain my knee :/

I was in the hospital for three days, the Germans were very nice! Could barely speak english and at one point when they were asking me what I wanted for meals, we were communicating through animal noises and drawings hahhahaha.

I am currently back in sunny England at the moment on bed rest for a while, going to sneak out on Sunday to go to London for the United premiere. Get my stitches out next Wednesday !

                                   Healin’ up!

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