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So I'm trying to put a list together of girl riders for this company called sports vision for a girls class next year at NASS. We need at the very least 20 girls. There will be prize money for top 3 and prizes for top ten. Lemme know if you are interested asap so I can put your name and details on the list.If you are interested in coming.. send me-namecountryemailThanks!My email is - NASS info

Welp, I have sure been getting my fair share of injuries lately..I flew to Cologne, Germany last Tuesday to meet up with all the girls for the 2010 Masters.Kayley (who had my helmet and knee pads) was arriving on Thursday, but we all went riding on Wednesday. I thought I'd be fine to ride, but nope haha my wrist was really weak and I didn't want to land hard on it, cause it is still broken, over shot the box a bit, landed in a turndown and my knee punched...